Friday, 30 April 2010

Cluj - Panorama View from Belvedere

Last September I took a chance for this classic (touristy ;) Panorama shot from Belvedere (full-screen here) a hill within Cluj where you get a magnificent view over the city. It was covered once by castle but unfortunately nothing remains of that today.

Cluj View from Belvedere

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Catedrala Ortodoxa Cluj (Inside)

Catedrala Ortodoxa Cluj (Inside)

Situated in the city centre this is a panoramic shot inside the Byzantine-style Orthodox Cathedral of Cluj. The Church was only erected and finished in 1930 and as usual for orthodox churches worshipers have to stand during mass :(

Cluj Teatrul National / Nova Taxi ;)

Last September, end of of summer beginning of autumn I took this panoramic shot of the Romanian National Theater (full-screen here). Contrary to its title it hosts the actually the opera - with the theater being situated in another building. Also on this picture in the middle you can spot the Court of Cluj. These are among of my famous buildings in the city. If you have a close look you'll realize some imperfections which I intentionally left resulting in a more interesting picture.

Cluj Teatru National / Calea Dorobantilor

Hosman / Holzmengen Fortified Church


Hosman (Holzmengen in German) is one of the fortified churches in Transylvania close to Sibiu. These churches are very special to Transylvania. They started to emerge in the 13th century when Hungarian and German settlers tried to resist against Ottoman and Tatar invasions. These churches allowed the inhabitants to defend the village for a limited time without the need of a permanent wall around the village. This shot was taken last December.

Monday, 26 April 2010

CFR Depot Sibiu

Here are two shots taken at a recent trip to Sibiu (Hermanstadt) at the deposit of the Romanian National Railway Company (CFR). Unfortunately, CFR as a company is not in very good condition right now - neither are these trains :( In the back you can peek at the snow covered Fagarasi Mountains part of the Carpathians.


Sibiu Depot CFR

Castle Hunedoara

Castle Hunedoara

This is a shot taken inside the yard of castle Hunedoara last November It was a very cold and freezing day - but the castle is surely one of Romania's most interesting and beautiful sites :)

Saturday, 24 April 2010

View from the rooftop towards Cluj city centre

A marvellous spring sunset in Cluj with a pretty amazing clear view. This is a 180° view of the city center. The actual city centre starts just from the center with the Orthodox Cathedral to the left side with the St. Michael Dome. If you have closer look up the hill you can spot the orchards blossoming.

You can use the buttons within the flash object to navigate. For a full-screen view have a look here.

View from the rooftop towards Cluj city centre