Friday, 21 May 2010

Views from Iulius Mall on a cold afternoon

Since a couple of days it got really cold especially taking into account that May in Romania usually means (very) warm weather. Last weekend I took two panorama shots at Iulius Mall. It is one of the two big malls in Cluj. Located at the eastern side of the city you get a nice view over to the neighbouring quarters.

Panorama from Iulius Mall 1

In the first panorama you can spot the city center on the left side with the university opposite to the mall to the blocks of Marasti city quarter with its block of flats. At the mall there are two small artificial lakes which are also good for ice skating in winter.

The next panorama connects directly from the eastern suburbs up to Feliacu hill. As you can see construction in this area is still continuing.

Panorama from Iulius Mall 2

Unlike the historic city center of Cluj the Marasti suburb was only extended in the process of industrialisation starting in the 1970s. Finally, I took a detail shot representing for me the cold weather of that day perfectly.



Anonymous said...

Hi, very nice HDR picture..
I am just wondering how many single pictures you have userd?

Klaus Jürgen said...

Thanks. It consists of 7 exposures with 1 EV difference (if I remember correctly). Thus it covers a difference of 3 EV.

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