Monday, 23 August 2010

Hiking in the Ceahlău Massif (Eastern Carpathians)

During my farewell vacation we also hit one day the Ceahlău Massif in the Eastern Carpathians in Romania.

Ceahlău Massif Trees II

This part of the mountains is already situated in Moldova, though the majority of the Romanian Carpathians is within Transylvania. The beauty of this section is that you can mange to climb and descend the massif in one day including reaching both peaks Toaca (1904 m altitude) and Ocolaşul Mare (1907 m altitude).

Ceahlău Massif Moss

This particular day unfortunately was very cloudy so the view was limited by fog almost all day. Nevertheless it was a splendid hike also because the trails are very well marked and you can even find additional signposts with explanations about the surrounding nature.

Ceahlău Massif Trees I

The forest is left untouched for most parts as the area forms the Ceahlău National Park - fallen trees are not removed.

Ceahlău Massif Mosaic

Ceahlău Massif Trail I

Ceahlău Massif Grass / Flowers

Ceahlău Massif Fog

Ceahlău Massif Antena Station

The last (first) picture was taken right from the plateau right before the ascend to the peaks. You can spot also a small wooden Orthodox church there. For other episodes from my farewell vacation just hit the "Farewell Holiday" Tag.

Ceahlău Massif Plateau I

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