Thursday, 19 August 2010

Munich as seen from St. Peter chruch - Panorama view

Last week I went to Munich to visit friends and of course the city as well. Munich is actually a beautiful German city despite the hordes of tourists and there is really a lot to see and to do. There is a couple of possibilities to get a panorama view over the city and one of the best ones is probably St. Peter church right in the center. From there you have a beautiful view to the fascinating New Town Hall and the Frauenkirche, Munich's landmark. As you can see the Frauenkirche is right now in the process of restoration. If you have a look down you can spot Mary's Column right in the center of Marienplatz.

A short reminder: As always you can scroll around the panorama and of course you can also enter full screen mode and stop the auto rotation by pressing the button on the lower right. This time I decided to start something new and I am publishing the original pictures as well. They can be accessed via flickr and reused under cc license.

Munich as seen from St. Peter chruch

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